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Research and Writings

MARK ROBERT GORDON is a published environmental scientist and poet and is a produced playwright and screenwriter. His research and writings on public policy matters have been entered into the public record as testimony before federal and state agencies.

At the age of 17, while still in high school, his research on the ubiquitous desert shrub creosotebush included discovering the plant's potential curative effects on the e.coli bacteria and on several forms of athlete's foot. The results were published in The Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science (Issue 2, 1987) - "The Microbicidal Potential of Various Creosotebush (Larrea Tridentata) Extracts."

His poetry, ranging from pithy two-line statements to verse to multi-page expositions, has been included in literary anthologies, including The Wu Review of Princeton University.

"Public School Choice Rhetoric and Reality: Interdistrict Open Enrollment in Minnesota & Metropolitan St. Louis", MRG's 125-page college senior thesis at Princeton University, was frequently referenced by numerous political scientists, educational researchers, and legislators in testimony before and debate over public school reform by state legislatures in the early 1990s.

MRG's college internship in the Washington, D.C. office of U.S. Representative Morris K. Udall (D-AZ) evolved into a research and writing role for the Congressman, then Chairman of the House Interior Committee. Part of this research involved drafting the Congressman's testimony to the National Federal Budget Deficit Commission, the text of which was incorporated into the final language of the final bipartisan Congressional report submitted to President Ronald Reagan.

MRG is the author of five stage plays: "H": Hamilton or Honour (Off-Broadway 2006-07; a one-person play about Alexander Hamilton), My Soul is Mine: A Runaway's Story (Off-Broadway 1995), Did You Evuh? , Nevuh! , and R'fua: Healing. He wrote the screenplay for the feature film 21/2 Jews (adapted from Alan Brandt's stage play of the same title) and co-created and wrote the pilot episode for the TV series. He is also the lead writer and co-creator of a new TV sitcom "Next Case!" (a behind-the-scenes look at a fictional syndicated TV judge show).

MRG is currently writing Searching for a Script (a one-person autobiographical play), Storm After The Calm (a screenplay about former college friends and their disparate young professional lives), and Scars (a book about the lifelong healing process of his father from his World War II experiences and his mother and self from their painful childhood events). He is also compiling Tears of Ink, the first collection of his poems.

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